My Heart Beets For You!

Beet, Beet, Beets! Let's talk about them...

First of all, the taste... We aren't sure what Dwight Schrute was thinking, but we are not a fan! It's a shame b/c beets are the wonder-veggie that keeps on giving.  We knew we had to figure out a way to add this to your Pretty Heathy line-up for those who love the benefits, but can't stomach the taste (There's hope...). I mean there are so many benefits to consuming them on a regular basis that we don't even have room to name them all. Here's a few of our favorites:

Heart and Cardiovascular Health- There's a reason why we used the name Hugs and Heartbeets. The nitrates (natural compounds found in soil air & water that help stop the growth of bacteria) in beets have been known to lower blood pressure and increase blood flow. Numerous studies have shown that consuming beetroot powder may help lower blood sugar levels after eating. Researchers also suggest that taking beetroot directly after watching the Falcons play may help keep your blood pressure down while they throw it all away in the 4th quarter.  We can neither confirm or deny this, but it's worth a shot cuz... Bruh!!!!! 

Iron-Deficiency Amenia Support- Naturally loaded with iron, minerals and vitamins, beetroots are a dream for those who are anemic. Beetroots help to repair and reactivate red blood cells which in return increase oxygen supply. Did we mention that it's loaded with iron. Yes... iron, potassium, magnesium & calcium to name a few superstars.

Energy Boost- We now know that beets are high in iron which help red blood cells and send oxygen to your body.  This in turn increases blood flow and stamina. When your iron is low, it's common to feel fatigued, tired and always ready for a good nap.  Trust me, I was captain of the Nap Church of God in Christ... I understand. One flight of stairs took me out! It wasn't until my iron levels increased that I had energy to do more and even exercise way longer.  I even started running again. Major difference! 

So...what I'm saying is, when your blood is flowing well and your iron levels are in top shape, you perform better in all areas.  Heart health is a big deal. This is why we love beets and this is why you can now take them without tasting them (somebody give us an award)! Not only is Hugs & Heartbeets vegan, all - natural and GMO-free, but its 100% organic. So yes, try them out.  Give it time.  Show yourself some love and give your heart a daily hug. 


 ~Priscilla J.

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