Immune to BS Bundle- Superstar Kit for All Things Immunity

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Help build up your defenses with the bundle that was created to not only help fight off all those pesky lil foregin invaders, but to show your gut and immune system some major love! 70% of your immune system is in your gut and believe me, your gut is working harder than you know to maintain a healthy balance so that you can thrive! My instincts are tellin' me that this may be the bundle for you and hey... life is always better when you trust your gut! 

What's in the Bundle: 

Pretty Girl Probiotics- Pre + Probiotic for Immune, Gut & Vaginal Health*

Love to Sea It- Sea Moss Blend for Thyroid, Immune & Joint Support*

So Defensive- Immune Support Formula with Elderberry & Vitamin C*


Ingredients: Full list of ingredients pictured below